Meet the Curbing Professional:

Owner, Shawn Kennedy, is a Cathedral Prep graduate ('02) who grew up in Erie, PA.  He attended the Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA and received his Associate Degree in Landscape and Nursery Management.

Shawn has over 10 years of experience in the landscaping industry. He has mastered his landscaping skills after working every position from grunt laborer to crew foreman with three different landscape companies in both, Erie and Pittsburgh. Shawn is now beginning his third season of business with A#1 Curbing and is proud to live and work in Erie - helping create beautiful landscaping for the greater Erie area.

The Story of A#1 Curbing:

A#1 Curbing has a story behind it. Most people think the company was named to gain rank as the first listing in the phone book or because it sounds like another familiar and classic business name that is used a lot: A-1 Such n’ Such. The difference is the word NUMBER. Many people who live in Erie are unaware of a man by the name Leon Livingston who is buried at Laurel Hill Cemetery. Leon was a famous “hobo” which  doesn’t seem possible, but it is true.

Leon found fame as a tramp in the Pacific Northwest and elsewhere in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Later in life he wrote a series of books about his travels and experiences living as a chronic transient on the road. Leon’s moniker as a tramp was “A Number 1, the Rambler.” His mark can still be spotted on water towers and barns up and down railroad tracks across the United States. He spent years after his tramping days giving speeches at schools and youth service homes encouraging kids to stay in school and not run away from home as he did. Leon also taught principles of hard work and an honest living.

Leon Livingston eventually settled in Erie, Pennsylvania later in his adult life and married Shawn Kennedy's great aunt. Of all the places he could have ended up, it was Erie, and of all the people to meet, it was someone that Shawn was related to! 

It was an easy decision to use A Number 1 for the business name for three reasons:

  1. To honor his relative, Leon Livingston.
  2. Leon's nickname “rambler” harkens to Shawn's alma mater - Cathedral Prep.
  3. Most importantly,the message Leon spread was of hard work and honesty; the foundation that A#1 Curbing's business is built on.